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Basic: You can only speak and understand English in a very limited way.

By the end of this stage you will: 

- Understand and use basic everyday phrases

- Shop or travel with basic English

- Introduce yourself and ask and answer questions about personal details

- Know the fundamentals of English pronunciation

Survival: You can understand basic language used in everyday situations if the speaker speaks slowly and clearly.

By the end of this stage you will:

- Make simple sentences and reply to simple questions

- Interact with a co-operative partner

- Talk about likes/dislikes, family and routines

- Order a meal in a  restaurant/go shopping and understand and write basic text

Practical: You can communicate in a range of practical everyday social and travel contexts.

By the end of this stage you will: 

- Write simple comprehesible text

- Begin to understand natural speech

- Communicate in simple & routine tasks such as go shopping, order in a restaurant, book a hotel room or a flight, apply for a job, give simple opinions / advice.

- Can link ideas together in a simple way

- Begin to sound natural so native speakers may find it easier to understand what you say

Confident: You can speak English with some confidence.

By the end of this stage you will: 

- Give reasons and explanations for opinions & plans

- Deal with most situations likely to arise while traveling

- Express yourself reasonably accurately

- Make notes & understand most of the general meaning of lectures and meetings.

- Understand main ideas in conversations and extract information from a text or academic article

- Sound natural so native speakers often find it easy to understand what you say

Effective: You can use English effectively.

By the end of this stage you will: 

- Take part in extended conversations

- Can understand the main ideas of complex text on both concrete & abstract topics

- Can interact with a degree of fluency and spontaneity

- Can express viewpoints without hesitation, sometimes using complex forms

- Does not make errors which cause misunderstanding and can correct most of their own errors

- Often be easily understood by native speakers

Expert: You can handle communication in most situations with only natural hesitation

By the end of this stage you will:

- Take part in lengthy conversations & discussions

- Write and understand most text including formal, academic and professional documents

- Consistently maintain a high level of grammatical accuracy

- Produce clear, well-structured, detailed texts, on complex subjects

- Always be understood by native speakers

Master: You can use English with ease and fluency.

By the end of this stage you will: 

- Handle communication in most situations, including unfamiliar and unexpected ones

- Use a wide range of linguistic resources to express complex ideas

- Produce extended discourse that is coherent and always easy to follow

- Summarise information from different spoken or written sources, reconstructuring arguments and accounts in a coherent presentation

- Understand all texts with a confidence and competence similar to your mother tongue

- Sound like a native speaker.

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